The Center for Aging In Place, Westchester County, New York


The Center for Aging in Place assists groups with information, services, and support.  We will help you organize the talent, skills and enthusiasm of residents who want to age in place. We provide you with the tools needed to create an aging in place program that best meets the needs of residents in your community. 

Capacity Building

  • Aging in Place Toolkit - a "how to" guide with instructions, templates and forms to get you started
  • Provide seed money, which will help aging in place groups get started and launched
  • Sponsor” new groups until they obtain their 501 (C) 3 IRS designation so they can accept tax exempt donations
  • Access to MyAIP™, a proprietary database that helps groups track volunteers and services.  Free training and access for up to five AIP group leaders/volunteers is provided.
  • Technical support for marketing, business management, programming and other activities
  • Liability insurance for certain group activities


  • A monthly “Village Council” that brings together Aging in Place membership groups to discuss common issues and share solutions
  • Life+ Business Network a powerful marketing strategy for area businesses looking to target the growing market segment of boomers and seniors.
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Education and Training

  • The Volunteer Patient Advocacy Training educates and empowers AIP members to serve as volunteer patient advocates for family members and friends, thereby enabling them to become partners in their own care.  The training offers basic advocacy skills to help members gain access to quality care.
  • Guest speakers present on topics relevant to AIP group leaders and volunteers, such as fundraising, program evaluations and outcomes, and new technologies to empower communities. 

Community Outreach

  • Life+ Seminar Series
  • Quarterly Newsletter - "Aging in Place Community Update"
  • Presentations and sharing of "best practices" in Westchester and beyond to help raise awareness and understanding about aging in place membership groups