The Center for Aging In Place, Westchester County, New York

The Center for Aging in Place is a non-profit organization established in 2008 to promote the growing movement to Age in Place in Westchester County. 

Aging in Place is a national movement to enable people to stay in their own homes as they grow older by making available the social support, health care, and home maintenance services they require to live happy, productive lives in the community.

Aging in Place (AIP) Groups are grassroots, non-profit organizations created, funded and led by Westchester community residents to develop aging in place services and activities for adults 60+ in their own neighborhoods.

The Center for Aging in Place (CAP) provides assistance, support, and resources to community-led groups who have established or are seeking to establish aging in place programs in Westchester County. We are dedicated to working with communities that do not have aging in place programs and provide guidance in their developing programs to meet the needs of older residents living there.

“Being a member of The Center for Aging in Place has been invaluable to me as the coordinator of an AIP Organization. I learn from all the other members who have already tried and tested ideas, programs, methods, and can share their results . . . I not only get great ideas directly, but feel connected to a team of volunteers and professionals who are all working toward similar goals. I feel so lucky that I can call upon other leaders of CAP. “

- Susan Gilbert, Program Coordinator