The Center for Aging In Place, Westchester County, New York


What services do Aging in Place programs provide?

Many Aging in Place program members serve as volunteers for other members, visiting them in their homes, taking them to medical appointments, and driving them for errands and shopping.  The program often screens businesses that help make home life safer, such as home care providers and home repair companies.  In addition, many programs create member networks that offer educational and social activities to keep older members connected within their communities. Each Aging in Place program adapts its services to meet the community’s specific needs, resources and own unique social landscape.

Who is eligible to become a member of an Aging in Place program?

Each Aging in Place program sets its own membership requirements and fees. Many programs establish lower membership fees for those who are unable to afford the regular membership fee.

What does it cost to join an Aging in Place program?

Membership fees for an Aging in Place program can range from $25-$530 per year or higher, depending on the community and services it provides.

What are the costs beyond the membership fee?

Most programs entitle members to a variety of services, some of which are available at a discounted price. Members are expected to pay a service provider’s charge. For example, if a member hires an Aging in Place recommended home maintenance contractor, the member would pay for the services provided.

Is an Aging in Place program like a senior living facility?

An Aging in Place program may provide many of the same services that a senior living facility provides (e.g. transportation, trips) while permitting members to stay in their own homes and not have to move.

Why should I join now if I currently don’t need help?

Unfortunately, we never know when we might need short- or long-term assistance. Aging in Place programs offer help from neighbors, access to needed services, and peace of mind. They also bring together neighbors, young and old, businesses and the community.

How do I find an Aging in Place program close to me?

CLICK HERE to see the list of Aging in Place programs currently operating in the area.