The Center for Aging In Place, Westchester County, New York


Aging well is about having options for how and where you want to live. Aging in Place programs offer an alternative to traditional models of retirement living. They offer benefits to older adults and their families as well as the community at large.

“...villages connect neighbors with neighbors.  Members get to know each other; volunteers meet and help others who request assistance and everyone benefits from a stronger social and community circle. 

- At Home member

Individual benefits include:

The  option to remain in your own home, close to all that is familiar and among family and friends
Access to services that empower you to live safely and independently
Increased options for social interactions
Single point of contact for information and referrals
Increased options for social interaction with peers
Cost effective lifestyle
Peace of mind knowing friends and neighbors stand ready to help
Better quality of life

Older people are enormous assets to communities.  They have time, talent and experience to be tapped for the benefit of neighbors and neighborhoods.  Communities are discovering the critical difference older volunteers can. 

Community benefits include:

Happier residents will remain in Westchester County and contribute to our economy and tax base.
Communities will be stronger as a result of keeping older residents in our communities. People become more generative as they grow older. This is highly-experienced, educated generation has a wealth of wisdom and experiences to share.
There is a potential for lower health costs (e.g. volunteer transportation means fewer missed medical appointments; volunteers serve as patient advocates; neighbors help neighbors in times of sickness; less social isolation).
Communities reap the economic advantages of having seniors remain in their communities (e.g. more people staying put means more people buying services,  job creation to meet demands/needs of the “age wave”).